Hanan: The Beauty And Author Behind The Beauty of Food

Hanan: The Beauty behind The Beauty of Food
Beauty of Food


Who is the Beauty and Author of the Beauty of Food

Hanan is the author of the groundbreaking book, The Beauty of Food, where she shares with you the home secrets she has learned about how to stay healthy and younger looking. But who is Hanan? Even with quite a bit of research online, you may turn-up little to no information about this Beauty superstar. Here, we will delve into Hanan’s identity and background, and let you know a little bit more about her fabulous work that has women everywhere looking and feeling better.

Who is Hanan?

Born in the very late 1970s, Hanan calls Baghdad, Iraq her native home. She was raised there, and recalls a happy childhood where beauty and the enjoyment of life were instilled in her by her parents. Her mother was a college professor who was raised in Armenia, and her father was an engineer who was a native Iraqi citizen. Hanan, too, grew up to be successful as a television personality who hosted her own show on a wide variety of topics that interested many women. But the US and Iraq war changed all that, nearly overnight, with the death of her brother, mother, and father.

Reconnecting With Her Heritage

Beauty of Food

Beauty of Food

Eventually, classified as a refugee by the United Nations, Hanan found herself in Texas. To be exact, in the city of Austin. She felt totally lost, and did not know any English at all upon her arrival. However, after spending lots of time listening to music and watching videos online, she managed to teach herself enough of the language. While in this new world, she decided to reconnect with her heritage, and to learn more about how to maintain and create beauty, naturally. Hanan began to write The Beauty of Food with the goal to bring the knowledge of the Persian beauties to the world.

Learn More Today

Want to learn even more about Hanan and The Beauty of Food? Visit her webpage today! There, you can learn much more about who she is, as well as her secrets that she invites you to try to preserve and create natural beauty without spending lots of money. Her website also has a link where you can download her book as an e-book for a very low promotional price that you will only find online, and nowhere else. You may just be surprised at how little money it takes to make you look like a beauty from the 1000 and one Night stories!

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