Can You Get Beautiful And Lose Weight By Proper Breathing ?

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How You Can Get Beautiful And Lose Weight By Proper Breathing

, Proper Breathing helps to make you beautiful and slim

Get beautiful and lose weight by proper breathing. Would you like to do something good for your skin? Then breathe fresh air and ensure beautiful skin with the extra portion of oxygen.

The lungs supply 95% of the skin with oxygen, which stimulates cell regeneration and new formation. Your skin absorbs oxygen so that it passes through the epidermis into the second layer of skin, the so-called dermis. The bloodstream only supplies the bottom layer of skin.

You should breathe fresh air every day to have beautiful skin. 

Can you lose weight just by breathing? If you do it right, it is possible! The correct way of breathing can make us slim. At least in moderation.

You can stimulate the metabolism by proper breathing and accumulating the cells with oxygen. It sets a process in motion in which the pounds decrease.

Correct breathing brings body, mind, and soul into balance, and you can learn to do it.

Losing Weight by Breathing first sounds like diet magic, but it clarifies how and why we can breathe slim if we look closer. The keywords to explain this phenomenon are the metabolism and oxygenation of the cells. If we breathe shallowly and short in stress, the breath goes to the lungs only to rib height.

Our digestive organs need breathing massage to work optimally. 

The deeper our breaths into the abdomen, the more energy is released there. The effect is we digest the food better, have fewer cravings, and eat less.

Breathing is not a feat; we do it all the time without even thinking about it. The problem is we do not pay attention to it. We do not breathe consciously and too shallowly.

Breathing is a marvel that works on its own. But as the body’s only primary autonomous function, it can also be controlled at will. And it is suitable for your well-being if we turn off the wrong breathing that may have crept in from childhood.

The practical alternative is, therefore: to breathe consciously and deeply.

How do you learn to breathe?

First of all, we have to be conscious of how we breathe. And based on that, it is possible to breathe deeper into your stomach and pelvis.

We should repeat conscious, deep breathing several times during the day. Preferably after eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner and before going to bed.

Correct breathing promotes digestion and fat burning.

The more oxygen we make available to our body, the more effectively we digest our food.

Anyone who wants to lose weight primarily needs oxygen in the stomach to stimulate digestion. As a result, the food is better utilized, we are less hungry, and we also eat less. And one more fact: most of us eat fats and carbohydrates primarily. The difference between these food components is that carbohydrates contain oxygen in their chemical composition. If the body suffers from an insufficient supply of oxygen, it first processes the food components that supply oxygen. And those are high-energy carbohydrates. The fats that we want to get rid of remain untouched.

Proper breathing combats food cravings.

The causes of cravings are mostly stress or boredom. When you have a cravings attack, proper breathing can help you breathe it away:

  • Close your eyes. Breathe in consciously and deeply through your nose.
  • Breathe out through your mouth at a snail’s pace.
  • After five repetitions, you relax, and the cravings have passed away.

Breath and Agni

The traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda speaks in this connection of the digestive fire, Agni, which is disturbed in many people. Physical exercises and dietary changes stimulate the fire; the body comes into balance and can reduce obesity. Yoga is a way to learn Slim-breathing, and it can be practiced at any time, anywhere. You can lose weight by proper breathing.

Slim Breath

Take advantage of every opportunity to check your breathing. Provides every breath also the abdominal cavity? If not, close your eyes, take a deep breath through your nose and let the air sink deep down to the belly button. In this case, it lifts the abdomen.

When exhaling, the abdomen moves inward. Repeat this exercise at least five times. Take a little break and observe how your breathing is changing. The goal is to always breathe deeply without consciously paying attention to it. Then slim breathing will work, and you can lose weight with proper breathing.

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      This way it will not help with weight loss. It is a special way of breathing that helps.
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