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Skin Care Is Health Care
Skin Care Is Health Care

Conventional chemical “skin care” products not only harm your skin, but they also harm your health.

 Skin care is health care

Skin diseases are spreading Daily stress, unbalanced diet, changing climate conditions …

These and many other harmful factors affect our health long-term and also, go to our skin.

Skin Care Is Health Care

More and more people suffer from skin problems such as extremely dry and sensitive skin, itchy skin, and eczema to skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Even today, more and more babies are born with skin diseases.

This trend is alarming – but not for the cosmetics industry, nor for the pharmaceutical companies, as they greatly benefit from this development!

 Each cream enters the body

Our skin absorbs applied substances (cream, ointment, lotion, etc.) through the pores. In this way, the chemical substances contained in most toiletries migrate into the connective tissue and are stored there. For our bodies, these harmful substances are the same strain as the chemical additives in foods from supermarkets. Together, they are stored as so-called acidic metabolic waste in the connective tissue and lead to a considerable burden on the entire body system. Natural skin care is health care.

 Conventional creams clog pores

The plasticizer contained in conventional creams, emulsifiers, etc. is like a film on the skin and the skin cannot breathe. On the outside of the skin, such “toiletries” leave the impression that the skin is well maintained because it feels soft and smooth.

Far from it! This care holds only until the next shower. The superficial plasticizers, make the skin more dry and wrinkled.

 The skin needs to breathe

The stored pollutants are not excreted through the skin, and the much-needed oxygen cannot go through. This adds to the development of skin problems of any kind and affects at the same time the health situation.

 Proper skin care 

These facts make it clear that if you want to do something for your health, you should do healthy skin care. It is very important that all the care products are from natural ingredients, which support the skin metabolism and make sure the skin is able to breathe.

High-quality, natural care products will make your skincare health care


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