How To Be Beautiful With Turmeric-The Indian Bridal Mask

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Beautiful With Turmeric -The Indian Bridal Mask

Be beautiful with turmeric

Not only can we get beautiful with turmeric, it is healthy as well and a power source

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is in Asia considered as a universal remedy. Now, because of the impressive scientific facts, we know it is more than a cooking spice. Turmeric has become the “lifestyle” menu addition.  It is actually for everybody a win: smooth skin, and a power source for health!

Since 5000 years turmeric is medicinally significant in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. In the Ayurvedic teachings, it is known as a cleansing and energy-giving spice! The Western world gave the healing spice his intense attention after numerous studies have shown phenomenal effects. The millennia-old knowledge gets now in our time the “scientifically proven”  predicate of the university laboratories. Traditionally, turmeric root (turmeric) is applied as cosmetics, for mental strengthen and to enhance vitality.

Beautiful With Turmeric -The Indian Bridal Mask

Turmeric Mask for Bride and Groom

The scientific arguments for beauty with turmeric

Turmeric reduces damaging free radicals and is, therefore, a natural antioxidant.
It counteracts the formation of wrinkles and gives a glowing smooth skin.
Turmeric is an effective fat burner. The sharp-bitter spice stimulates the metabolism by increasing the secretion of gastric and bile production. The emergence and growth of specific fat cells, which are crucial for obesity is suppressed.

Turmeric stimulates the formation of collagen. The formation has a rejuvenating effect on the connective tissue. We get a firm skin and healthy hair.

Turmeric has a detoxifying effect, as it optimizes the liver function. This liver booster effect gives us a clear skin through slag degradation.

Turmeric has a rejuvenating effect by activation of the telomerase! Telomeres are bright “caps” on the ends of our chromosomes and are considered markers for our biological age. The older a person is, the more likely the cells have divided and the shorter the telomeres. The cell renewal rate decreases steadily until regeneration is no longer possible after all.  This is a breakthrough discovery of aging.

The older a person is, the more likely the cells have divided and the shorter the telomeres. The cell renewal rate decreases steadily until regeneration is no longer possible after all.

For this breakthrough discovery of the cause of aging, there was the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine. As a result, an increase in telomerase concentration was determined by certain herbal active ingredients that counteract or delay the aging process. Telomerase is the enzyme which maintains the telomere length and potentially the cell can rejuvenate.

Important Suggestion:

If you your meals are enriched with turmeric, then please add a pinch of black pepper.
Piperine is the main active ingredient in pepper and increases the take-up rate of turmeric extract in the human body up to 2000%!

Curcumin is fat soluble and oil addition is therefore highly recommended in your food. For a noticeable healing effect, use 3-5 grams turmeric powder a day.

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Beautiful With Turmeric -The Indian Bridal Mask

                           The Indian Bridal Mask

Beautiful with Turmeric

We got the awareness about the golden shimmering beauty mask  from the Indian beauties and Hollywood celebrities

The Gold shimmer effect of the mask comes especially in the women with darker skin to validity. I tried it with my skin type for you. If you have more of a typical medium-light skin, here we tried it with a light skin type for you.

DIY Indian Bridal Mask – beautiful with Turmeric

1 tsp turmeric powder moistened with (about 2 tablespoons) of water and mixed with 1 teaspoon coconut oil

We applied the mask I  half an hour before bedtime with disposable gloves (!) On the facial skin and then removed before bedtime with a cleaning pad and a gentle cleanser. A delicate yellow-orange skin remained.  We thought the fine curcumin layer may reverberate in the night. (Protect your  pillows with a  towel). The light carotenoid skin color disappeared easily under the shower the next morning.

Result: We were surprised that even after the first application a visible skin beautification was visible. The skin is firmer and evenly shines. With such a positive result you can forget sometimes the makeup!

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