Best Anti Aging Skin Care – What Does Work Against Age Spots?

Best Anti Aging Skin Care
anti aging age spots

 Age spots – the best anti-aging skincare
What works best for the aging skin problems, the age spots

Best Anti Aging Skin Care - Age Spots

Best Anti-Aging Skin Care – Age Spots

With age, the skin of humans changes. It is no longer so smooth and supple as in young years and is more prone to redness or rash.

Another sign of aging skin is the so-called age spots. They are a late result of too much solar radiation. They are not dangerous, but many people have them, they show mainly on the face, hands, and forearms, wherever the skin is not covered by clothing.
The age spots are mostly gray-brown spots that may get several inches big. They appear in about 90 percent of all people who are over 60 years old. They are formed only in late adulthood by the pigment lipofuscin, which is also called age pigment. It is located in the upper skin layers. Because of hormonal and age-related changes of the skin, it can no longer degrade the pigment, when the skin received too much UV radiation. What remains are the spots on the skin which are not dangerous, but many people bother because of the position in the face or on the hands.


Anti-aging skincare
Once the spots are there, care products or home remedies usually cannot change it. There are cosmetic treatments, which makes the spots disappear. One is laser therapy. Here, the dark spots are destroyed with a laser beam and removed by the immune system of the skin. Laser treatment is quite expensive because it must be performed several times. The patient must avoid the sun for at least three months.

Home remedies and toiletries are ineffective

Even if the advertising promises, to eliminate the age spots with bleaching creams, ointments or other cosmetics, it is evident that such treatments are not effective. The age spots can be covered if necessary, they will not disappear with a usual lotion. Old home remedies can make that the skin looks healthier, they do not help against the spots. Effective may be to avoid any sunlight.

Best Anti-Aging Skincare from the inside
The diet should contain a lot of vitamins. In particular, vitamins E and C play an important role in keeping the skin healthy. Carotenoids, as contained for example in carrots or colored vegetables, strengthen the protective function of the skin. This can help against environmental influences. Minerals such as zinc and selenium, which are in wheat bran or fish, and bioflavonoids, which contained in plums and oranges, are other preventives.

Prevention is possible

The best remedy for age spots is to prevent at an early age. Many skin problems can be avoided in this way. The creaming before sun exposure is one of them. The sun protection factor should be as high as possible. Sunburns should be avoided they damage the skin effectively and let the skin look prematurely old. Long stays in the blazing sun are not recommended even with sunblock, the skin should always look well kept. A healthy lifestyle pays off in old age. The skin is less stressed and looks more young and spotless.

Age spots do not look nice but are harmless

Since the effective removal of age spots is not without problems and is harmless, it can be covered by a skin makeup. This product should be selected to the specific skin types. Do not apply too thick, otherwise, they can clog pores and can give new problems to the skin. Occasional masks and treatments with toiletries remove the stains not but improve well-being. The skin looks much younger and fresher, the age spots than are less visible.

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