Healthy Hair – How To Get Beautiful Age-Defying Hair

Healthy Hair -
Healthy Age-Defying Hair

How to have healthy age-defying hair?

A lustrous, clean and healthy hair full of life is a subject of envy for many. It is proof of optimum health and youthful glow. It is frustrating for some, but dull, grimy, and limp hair you can transform into shiny, beautiful, and healthy hair too! How?

Healthy Age-Defying Hair


If you happen to compare skin care to hair care, shampoo gets rid of oils, dirt, dandruff, and pollutants that are in your hair. Similar to your soap, your shampoo should also be used only in areas that prevent it from stripping out.

So when shampooing, keep in mind that your hair is dirtiest and oiliest on the scalp. Shampooing just your scalp and the sudsy overflow can be sufficient to cleanse the remainder of your hair without saying goodbye to your hair’s natural shine. Keep in mind, that too much shampoo eliminates too much oil that protects the protein structure of the hair from harm, and you are just reversing the end of the purpose to have healthy hair

Know what to use

Many commercial shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products can damage your hair.  In the long term, it is making hair look dull and weary. Choosing the proper product does not only make the hair look healthy and beautiful but also saves hair from destruction. For very dry hair, use a gentle shampoo and good quality conditioner that contain humectants that hold moisture in the hair.

Greasy hair

For greasy hair, you should use a good nourishing shampoo, while avoiding too much brushing as this excites oil glands that are already over-active. People with sensitive scalp should use organic or botanical shampoos. Because they have much less harsh chemical substances and are gentler to your hair. For brittle hair, a conditioner with a reconstructor should be used- preferably. Those who contain hydrolyzed protein that penetrates the hair and strengthens its structure.

People that are often exposed to sun or blow-dryers and hair curlers should use a shampoo and conditioner with heat protectors. These protect the hair from heat. Baby shampoos you should only use for infants, after all, as their composition is just not enough for the hair of an adult. There is no dispute as to what people with dandruff should use.

Condition only, the tips

Again if you have to evaluate skin care to hair care, the conditioner is a moisturizer that helps improve the texture of the hair. Like shampoo, soap, and moisturizers, a conditioner should only be used in selected areas. This time, put conditioner only on the ends. This prevents the hair to sit limply on the roots which truly makes your hair look older.

Correct blow-drying

The nozzle of a blow-dryer must point downward to help close the cuticle, enhancing the sheen of our hair. For the ultimate three minutes of blow-drying, specialists suggest switching the equipment to a cool setting to fight dry hair and flyaways.

Have a shorter hair

According to beauty specialists, long hair can age you and make you look tired.  Also, they say that shorter hair may give you just the boost you need to look younger. Be brave and give yourself a haircut. You do not like to look old with long hair. Tell your hairdresser to add layers as this makes hair look full and bouncy, and also makes your healthy hair look softer and shinier.

Make it shine

For shinier hair, some people use a little ale, yes, real ale to the rinsing water. This makes healthy hair look shinier.

Like a fine lace

As a popular hairdresser said before, the hair is like fine lace. It is a precious item people wear and show anywhere, anytime. In the end, whether or not your intention is to look younger or simply to look more beautiful, you will be responsible for taking care of this valuable lace.

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