Why Natural Skin Care Products Without Chemicals?

Natural Skin Care
Why Natural Skin Care Products Without Chemicals?

Use natural skin care products for your beautyWhy Natural Skin Care Products Without Chemicals?

Only use natural skin care products without chemicals. Every day our skin is heavily stressed. It is exposed not only to the effects of wind and weather, but also chemical substances such as silicone or paraffin.

The cosmetics industry overwhelms the consumer with thousands of skincare products. Often,  face creams, body lotions, and cleansing products are very expensive. Many of the products are not healthy. Silicones, paraffin and synthetic fragrances are just some of the substances that can negatively affect the health of the skin.

In order to optimally protect and permanently care for your skin, this valuable organ, natural skin care is a must. The following article shows which substances you should better avoid and which products are recommended. See how natural skin care can be achieved with the simplest home remedies.

Ingredients to avoid

Given the popularity of so-called natural cosmetics, the beauty industry uses this term to market skincare products better. Many brands use the description deliberately to deceive the consumer. Packaging is often misleading designed,
Therefore, you should check the ingredients for harmful substances. The following list shows you some ingredients that you better avoid.
Paraffins: Distillate from petroleum. The artificial fat layer, which forms paraffin, can prevent the skin from breathing, promote wrinkling and dry out the skin. In addition, critics claim that the substance can be deposited in internal organs. Real natural cosmetics companies do not use paraffin.

Parabens: Parabens not only have a negative preservative effect that damages your skin, also the entire body suffers. Tests on cancerous tumors revealed that paraben residues were detectable. The allergy potential of this ingredient is also high. Parabens can hide under the names Methylparaben, Propylparaben or Butylparaben.

Silicones: You can find them under numerous terms. Including Cyclomethicone and Phenyl Methicone. Silicones seem to make the skin smoother. However, this is only a superficial phenomenon. Skin dryness, wrinkles, and cornification disorders are only superficially improved and treated.

The damaged skin barrier or similar causes for these symptoms are not improved, the skin is not supported in the regeneration. On the contrary: In the long-term use of products with silicone, the skin loses the natural ability to release moisture. This creates a moisture build-up of sweat that permanently leads to dry skin.

You should make sure that at least the dosage is low if you buy such products.

Emulsifiers: Emulsifiers are used to combine fats and oils with water and water-soluble substances. They can accumulate in the upper skin layer and cause permanent damage. Valuable skin fats are washed out in the long term. The natural protective barrier of the skin is disturbed.

Synthetic fragrances: Although perfume is generally very popular, it should be avoided in skin care products. The complex fragrance mixtures contain hundreds of components that often cause allergies. Perfume is referred to as aroma, perfume or fragrance.

True Natural skin care products

Only a few products can be described as true natural skin care products. For the consumer, the current market situation is very confusing. Some manufacturers, for example, sell their products as natural skin care. But they use not exclusively herbal ingredients. With real natural skin care products, however, this has nothing to do.

A key factor is that the raw materials have to be environmentally friendly and come from organic farming that is controlled. Marianne Gianni is an example, she creates Skincare made with wildcrafted and organic ingredients.You can also find gluten-free and vegan products at Annmarie Skincare  Click here for a Sample Kit.

Effective home remedies

Basically, not every home remedy is suitable for every skin type. Before the application, you should check whether the selected agent actually fits the skin. For example, while rosemary oil helps with oily skin, olive oil would be the right solution for dry skin.

If you who want to make tried-and-tested homemade remedies yourself.There are many recipes to experiment with. From lemon juice to cheese, honey, coconut, avocado and.. nature provides everything needed for rich and natural skincare.

We always want to do the best to our skin, but we often do not know what our daily cosmetics contain.

The book “The Beauty of Food” has many recipes which you can easily make yourself. Discover natural beauty products for the lips, eyes, décolleté, feet, hands, face and body, and experience with skin and hair how well the freshly made care alternatives are doing. There is even a recipe for a“Fifty-Cent Botox Alternative”, does this sound interesting? Read here the Review

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