How To Take Care Of Your Hands In The Cold Time

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How To Take Care Of Your Hands In The Cold Time

Take care of your hands and keep them smoothHow To Take Care Of Your Hands In The Cold Time

For skincare, most people think most likely of the face. The fact that the hands need the same care many forget.
The hands need attention if you do not want to see them age. After all, we use them very frequently, they are exposed to the sun intensively and they are additionally stressed by frequent hand washing. First wrinkles are often seen not necessarily on the face, but on the hands.
This is avoidable. And not with expensive lotions and creams, but with inexpensive remedies which you also surely have at home.

Olive oil

If you pay attention to your diet, you always have olive oil in the kitchen. Take it off to the bathroom and take care of your hands. Apply a few drops to the palms of the hands and carefully massage them into the palm and outer surfaces.


Bananas contain ample iron and other minerals that can help the skin to remain long wrinkle-free and fresh. Crush a ripe banana to a mash and place it in your hands. Wait until the mass is completely dried and then wash it off. Do not forget the cream.
Not only from the outside make the yellow fruits beautiful. That is why you should eat up to three bananas a day.


In the pineapple is a lot of vitamin C, from which the skin can benefit enormously. Puree the fruit and apply it to your hands. After a quarter of an hour, you can wash your hands and then pamper yourself with a moisturizer.

Lime juice, sugar, and milk

From these three ingredients, you can conjure a nourishing pampering package for your hands. Mix the juice of the lime with sugar and scrub your hands gently with this peeling compound. To remove dead skin cells and provide a fresh skin tone. Then wash them with warm water and place them in milk for about ten minutes. This way, your hands are again treated with nourishing moisture.

Rice flour

Add two teaspoons of rice flour and rose water to a teaspoon of milk and stir until a paste is formed. Apply them on your hands and let them dry. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water and apply a lotion

How To Take Care Of Your Hands In The Cold TimeImage result for free images beauty for hands

Autumn is here, and the hands are not only cold but often also cracked. If you do not want to hide your rough hands all the time in gloves, here are 5 tips and suggestions to keep your hands smooth.

1.Do Hand peeling

1 tsp of coarse sea salt with 1 tbsp olive oil. Polish the resulting paste on the hands and rinse with lukewarm water. If this is too crude: the salt can also be replaced by 1 tsp sugar.
Tip: Remaining paste can also be used well for a foot peeling or rough places on the elbow!

2. Enjoy a Hand bath

A bath does well – even the hands! Carefully heat the olive oil in the water bath. Caution: Do not get too hot! A splash of lemon juice and you can start! Wash the hands alternately for about 10 minutes in a shallow bowl in the pleasantly warm oil and then gently dry them.
If you have just boiled potatoes, the boiling water can also be converted into a hand bath – cooled and without potato! The hands also bathe here about 10 minutes and then air dry.

3. What about a Hand mask?

If you have a banana at home that is too muddy to eat – do not throw it away! It can be easily applied to a hand mask:
½ Mash the banana with a fork, mix with some soy milk, and spread on the hands. After about 20 minutes the mask can be washed off.
Tip: During the exposure time, enjoy a delicious shake from the rest of the banana and vanilla soy milk!

4. Soft Hand miracles overnight

Before going to sleep, massage your hands with olive or almond oil and pull on cozy cotton gloves. The next day the hands are super-soft and supple!

5. Apply more hand cream!

Apply several times a day with hand cream! Great natural hand creams like chamomile
And a Tip: Do not forget your hands and have a hand cream in the handbag or at work to remind you of the creaming hands!

If you do a treatment for yourself like this pampering once a week, you can look forward to beautiful soft hands in the cold time!
Have fun trying!

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Have fun trying!

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