The Best Skin Care Tips For Men In The Cold Season

Skin Care For Men

Dry Skin in Winter – Skin Care Tips For Men

As temperatures drop and the heater starts running, many men notice that the skin is getting dry But why is that so and what helps against the dry skin in autumn and winter? Here are tips for winter skin care for men.

Why does the skin get dry in autumn and winter?

Our entire body is covered in many sebaceous glands. Each one produces useful fat, resulting in a protective lipid film. This protective layer protects the skin from damaging environmental influences and helps to retain moisture inside. If the thermometer falls below the 8-degree mark, the sebaceous glands work slower and produce less fat. At the same time, the skin fat becomes firmer in the cold just like a piece of butter that is smooth when icy cold, the sebum is now distributed only moderately. Not a right combination, the protective layers become permeable. As a result, moisture can escape, and pollutants can easily penetrate. The result is dry, rough skin that sometimes even itches.

What is the optimal face care in autumn and winter?

Even if light gels and fluids are the right choices for your skin, you should now be careful with care products that have a high water content. The reason is that temperatures fall below freezing, the water on the skin can freeze and get red due to permanently enlarged veins. Stupid, because the red cheeks disappear only by a costly laser treatment.

How to recognize suitable winter skin care for men?

First of all, the consistency. The firmer the cream, the greasier the product. And vice versa: The more milky and lighter, the more water-rich and therefore less suitable is the cream. Also, make sure the winter care contains moisturizers such as urea, glycerin or panthenol. These ingredients help the skin retain its natural moisture and prevent it from drying out. Tip: If you have already found the perfect cream and do not want to give it up in the winter, you can mix in 2 drops of face oil before applying

From creams I get pimples. What now?

In winter switching to a more fat cream, is not a good idea for an impure skin. Rich formulas help to retain moisture in the skin, but can, unfortunately, clog pores and cause pimples in some men. Therefore, the rule of thumb is: Do not change the cream until dry spots appear with the usual care. Or mix a few drops of oil.

When cleaning in winter: less is more

Long and warm showering, everyone likes in autumn and winter. We should avoid it as often as possible. Because water, unusually hot water, removes fat from the already stressed skin and dries it out. The rule of thumb for dry skin is, therefore: swim or shower less often and use colder water. Then dab it lightly in, do not rub the cream as usual

The optimal body care for men in winter

Tip: Apply lotions directly when you come out of the shower, and the skin is still slightly damp. It has advantages: Fatty creams absorb better and faster on even moist skin. If the skin is still somewhat wet, the care may help to keep moisture in the skin.

Which soap is suitable for dry hands?

Most soaps contain alkalis which are suitable for a thorough cleansing but irritates dry skin. Better: use fatty soaps, for example with lanolin or coconut oil. Although these soaps are not so successful in the fight against the dirt but provide the dry skin with extra fat. In any case, what is not dirty does not necessarily need soap.

The best hand cream for dry men hands in winter

Which hand cream you use plays a minor role. The main thing is to cream your hands at all, preferably after every water contact. Do you want to do everything right? Then pay attention to ingredients such as glycerin and urea, as in facial care. If you do not like the feeling of hand cream in during the day, you should cream your hands at least before going to bed.

Winter skin care for men – home remedies for dry skin in winter

A popular home remedy for dry skin in winter is to bathe with oatmeal. Only put 2 cups finely ground flour in a tub of lukewarm water. It softens the water and nourishes the skin.

Help from the fresh air

It’s no secret that constant heating makes the air dry. The problem: Dry room air can deprive the skin of necessary moisture. A humidifier, natural ventilation of the rooms, and green plants counteract this.

Dry, rough skin is not only annoying; it does not attract women. So smart men think about the skincare routine in the cold season. Use the tips for winter skincare for men.


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